The Hague
September 26-28, 2022

Robert C. Bordone
Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Founder of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program.
Leah Kang
Consultant at The Cambridge Negotiation Institute
Maarten van Rossum
Consultant at The Cambridge Negotiation Institute

Businesspersons, diplomats, lawyers, human resource professionals, managers, and other leaders, regardless of their specialty, negotiate. Negotiation is an essential leadership and management skill, required for success both within organizations and for dealing with others external to an organization. Strong negotiation and conflict management skills are equally critical for managing personal and family situations as well. Despite this, few professionals have had any formal training in negotiation; nor are they familiar with the study, theory, and practice of negotiation as it has developed over the past several decades.
This workshop, by combining theory and practice, aims to improve both the participants’ understanding of negotiation and their effectiveness as negotiators. Participants will spend much of their time engaged in negotiation exercises (as negotiators, third parties and observers) and in reviewing and critiquing what worked, what did not, and why.
The workshop will provide participants a conceptual framework for analyzing, preparing for, and conducting negotiations. While we will teach from a variety of research traditions and perspectives, the main organizing framework will be drawn from the groundbreaking book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher, Bill Ury, and Bruce Patton. Participants in the workshop will be introduced to the theory of negotiation developed in this book. This approach introduces participants to the value of negotiating from a principled or problem-solving orientation. The framework will be enhanced and expanded upon by sharing the latest research in the field of negotiation and dispute resolution. The course is structured around a series of lectures, case studies, and group de-briefings. Participants will negotiate in groups and one-and-one. After participants negotiate each case, the instructors will lead the class in a structured review designed to pull out the main learning points. At the conclusion of this Workshop participants will:
• Have a set of strategies for how to handle common barriers to negotiated agreement
• Develop skills for improving trust and communication in internal and across the-table negotiations
• Learn a framework for systematically preparing for negotiation and for measuring negotiation outcomes
• Learn a shared vocabulary to enhance organizational capacity-building and lesson-sharing around negotiation
• Have an increased awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator
• Have a toolbox of strategies for managing multiparty (more than two party) negotiations, with a special emphasis on managing coalitions, different decision rules, deadlines, and process
• Improve critical empathy and assertiveness skills, with a special emphasis on the role of active listening in negotiation and conflict management
• Learn about sources of value creation in negotiation
• Identify successful approaches to claiming value in negotiation while maintaining healthy relationships with various stakeholders
• Develop strategies for dealing with difficult negotiation tactics and hard bargainers at the negotiation table
The course is designed for professionals who want to hone their negotiation skills and develop a more effective set of responses. Our schedule is intensive. Our sessions will meet for three full days with ample breaks and time for lunch. The first two days form the essence and are followed by all participants. For the last day, participants choose two more in-depth modules to provide space for personal learning goals. Based on the topics covered during the first two days, there are four in-depth modules to choose from: 

Want to know more about how to deal with stalled negotiations?

  • Dealing with Difficult People

Want to be more aware of your personal effectiveness? 

  • The Negotiators' Brain

Need for more in-depth knowledge on commercial negotiations?

  • The Essentials of Commercial Contract negotiations

Interested in what happens outside the negotiating table? 

  • Stakeholder Engagement


Application procedure:
If you are interested in participating in this Program please send an email to [email protected]. You will receive an email through which you can provide all the necessary information. Completed applications will be subject to our general terms for enrollment. These terms will be emailed to you upon request.
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